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SingleSource Solutions

SingleSource Solutions

Do people really open up more to a third party phone call from someone they don't know versus me, sitting across from them?

It is surprising, but true.  Ex-employees will open up more to a third party calling them, then they would to their trusted HR professional.


This is not unlike using a mask.  There is a layer between the employer and employee when a third party conducts the interview.  The layer, since it creates anonymity, allows the barrier of self protection to fall down, allowing more truthful and complete answers versus sitting across from someone who they know, but are unsure of. It is the confidentiality that draws out the honest responses from the employees. This is the reason that the success rate is so high when we call.


Since the questions are designed by you, you are still getting the information you need.  You can be as specific as you want, and set qualifiers along the way. The system collates responses for you. As an added “human” factor on our end, if we do get a red flag such as harassment, discrimination, theft or anything else illegal or immoral, our researcher will contact you immediately. We don’t wait in hopes that you find it. We are HR professionals and know when issues are vital to the growth of your organization.

There are cheaper background screening services out there. Why use SingleSource?

Have you heard the old saying that you get what you pay for?  Anyone can claim they are checking a database for $6 and surprise, nothing shows up!  Was there value in the $6 you just spent?  Do you have confidence that all national databases were searched including those for violent crimes and sex offenders?  You need to be doing business with a reputable company.  Not only do we have the highest standards, but you will have your own account manager, and an average turnaround time of 2 days!  On top of that, we answer our own telephones as our customer service is second to none. 


SingleSource will design a package that fits your exact needs.  We can set up multiple packages for each position, so that you can simply click on that package for that potential new hire.  We can make it error resistant for your hiring managers.  It's simple and it's affordable, not to mention the accuracy you get when we send a runner to the courthouse to check on a criminal conviction.  We do it all, we do it better than the rest, in our opinion, and our customer service is outstanding.  If you don't believe it, try us out for 30 days and see.  You will be impressed!

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SingleSource Is Now a Service Offering of ClearStar, Inc.
October 12-14 Single Source at National HCAOA Conference, Kansas City
"I wanted to let you know how wonderful your service is. Recently I sent SingleSource the information from several applicants. Some of the applicants failed to disclose information that makes them ineligible for hire. Because of fear of litigation, many companies will not give references for previous employees; so I recently started using SingleSource to verify previous employment. There is a world of difference when you have that additional information to help you make personnel decisions.  SingleSource helps me make better personnel decisions, which helps our company grow and provide quality service. When I can hire with confidence, I gain peace of mind and I am able to reduce my liability."

Denise Wartan
Trads of Jacksonville
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