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Current Legal Highlights

Staci Watkins

Federal Regulation

H.R. 2483, regarding Whistleblowers, pending in the House Financial Services Committee, would make it mandatory for employees to report violations to their employers before telling the government.

Court Cases

C.A. v. William S. Hart Union School, decided for C.A. by the Supreme Court of California, regarding vicarious liability found: A student who was sexually abused by his high school guidance counselor may sue the school.

Samper v. Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, decided for St. Vincent by the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, regarding ADA found: Regular attendance may be an essential function of some jobs and employers need not accommodate requests to be absent.

Fail-Safe v. A.O. Smith Corp., decided for A.O by the US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, regarding trade secrets found: A company may not sue for trade secret theft because it took no steps to protect the technology that was purported stolen.

State Legislation

(Formerly S.B. 433), regarding Privacy, enacted in Maryland, makes it illegal for employers to require that employees turn over to them user names and passwords to social media sites.



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