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Local Businessman Flies Doctors to Haiti for Relief Operations

Jacksonville Beach, FL - May 17, 2010 – A local businessman and Rotarian donated his time to personally fly two doctors to Haiti in his own plane for medical relief operations.

In the wake of the earthquake that devastated Haiti and wreaked havoc on travel into the country, American Airlines canceled all flights, including the February 9th flight that was to carry Jacksonville's surgical team to Fond des Blancs. Drs. Ron Carzoli and Ken Hagan had volunteered to help with the influx of patients being transferred from USNS Comfort to St. Boniface Hospital. Now, the emails and calls went out to try to secure transportation.
When Don Dymer, a fellow Rotarian, heard about the need, he immediately volunteered. As owner and flight instructor of North Florida Flight Training, Mr. Dymer offered to personally fly the two doctors to Les Cayes, Haiti, avoiding the chaos in Port au Prince. After dropping his passengers off, Mr. Dymer flew his four-seater Cessna to a nearby island to wait for four days before flying back to Les Cayes to pick up Drs. Carzoli and Hagan and return them safely to Jacksonville.
During the trip, Dr. Carzoli traveled to Port au Prince with Conor Shapiro, the hospital's Medical Director, and returned with a dump truck full of medical supplies. In the meantime, Dr. Hagan operated on several patients, helped educate hospital staff on how to care for wound infections, and assisted in unloading supplies delivered by helicopter by relief teams.
Mr. Dymer is no stranger to community service. As a Rotarian, he spearheaded the collection of a container-load of children's shoes that were delivered to Honduras and he has traveled to Guatemala to help install cisterns to provide clean water for a village. (Fellow Rotarians supported Mr. Dymer's volunteer efforts to help St. Boniface by contributing more than $500 to offset costs of the flight.)
Donald J. Dymer, MBA, is a former Inspector with London's Scotland Yard and is a licensed Private Investigator. He is the founder and CEO of SingleSource Services, a full-service firm for background screening and other human resource outsourcing services.
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"My Visiting Angels agency in Ann Arbor uses the most thorough, up to date criminal background checks available. The company we use is SingleSource. The owner of the company, Don Dymer, was a previous inspector for Scotland Yard, and knows and educates on the importance of thorough, up to date checks. They check county, state, national, sexual offender, name, residence, date of birth validation, social security, driving, and a host of other checks. We feel very comfortable and secure in what SingleSource does to ensure we are hiring safe caregiver’s."

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