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Outsourcing Human Resources does not mean Losing Employees

Paul M. Meese

Over the last 10 years, outsourcing various Human Resources functions has become more common place. What HR professionals need to realize is that outsourcing does not mean job elimination, it actually means job expansion.

Job expansion comes from freedom of the mundane. The saying, organization will set you free, can apply here. If you are organized enough to be able to outsource the procedures that add minimal value to the bottom line, you are given yourself as the HR professional the time to make a difference.
Here are the top 3 services that can give you an additional 20 or more hours a week if outsourced:
  1. Verifications. When someone calls in and says that they need to verify past employment on Chris Smith, this process does nothing except take time away from you. If you can outsource that to a company would pay you to do it, you have now gained time and money for your budget.
  2. Background screening. By allowing a professional background screening company the opportunity to conduct the proper package, again you have done two things. You have given yourself time and you have protected the company form liability. Professional companies have many more databases and established connections that you do not. Spend your budget wisely and find a company that is a member of NAPBS. It is the best, safest investment you can make.
  3. Exit Interviews. When you as the HR person are conducting the interview, the person leaving is not going to be as forthcoming as you would like. That soon to be former employee is thinking three things. First, what if I need you for a reference. Second, what if things don’t work out and I want my old job back. Lastly, what about my friends back in the department. Then after you collect this data, which will be less than complete, you have to do something with it. Instead, find a company that as a third party, will get more honest and open responses, and will take the data and make it immediately available to you, where you can slice and dice the data the way you need to. Once again, this will save you hours of time so you can address the issues that the exit interviews are telling you that you have.
When you got into HR, you wanted to do it so you could make a difference. Outsourcing just these three items gives you time to make a difference. You can now investigate and respond properly to employee relations issues. You can take the time to put together a management development program. You can address safety issues and have training and awareness programs that can potentially reduce your workers’ compensation premium costs. There are so many options on what you can do, why wouldn’t you?
Think back to when you first got into HR, then think about why you stay. Go back to the basics and make a difference. Outsourcing, as organization, will set you free, to be more productive and to show the organization how key HR is to the success of every business. The choice is yours.
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