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Paul Meese attains recertification for the third time

Paul M. Meese

Paul M. Meese, Vice President for Business Development and Client Relations for SingleSource Services, has been recertified by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).

After being in Human Resources for nearly 25 years, Paul first achieved the recognition of being an SPHR in 1998. At the time he sat for the test, he did so with only his life experiences as his background. He did not study for the test, do additional reading or take any courses. Paul passed on the first try. “The certification, in my perspective, has always been about doing the job and being professional. An SPHR should not be an academic achievement you can take a course on to achieve.” Meese said. He went on to comment, “It is about life and work experiences. A senior professional is just that, someone at a senior level of knowledge that has applied what they have learned while working. The HR Certification Institute has done an excellent job of setting high standards, with standards for strategic leadership now included. This certification sets you apart from your colleagues.”

Paul started his career with Sheraton Hotels in the 80’s. His focus has always been two-fold. Focus on protecting the organization from liability while communicating with the employees. The philosophy has given him numerous opportunities and allows him to continue to apply what he has learned in his current role. Paul is a forward thinker and is always looking to see what we can do next.

Currently in addition to his role with SingleSource, he is writing a book on succession planning which he hopes to have completed in the near future, is the principal percussionist for the Madison Brass Band, volunteers to work with middle school percussionists in the mornings before school starts, and is an elected official, sitting on his local school board.


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