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Discovery Database Searches – AWAITING CONFIRMATION

The Discovery Database Search (now the DiscoveryPlus) has proven to be a good source of information away from the standard county criminal record checks conducted on your subjects. The fact that all states sex/violent offender registries are included is great value, and the regular addition of more jurisdictions adds to that.
However, the claims made by many providers that this is a “national” search is troubling, and as you are aware SingleSource has always held the view that the correct description of this search is as a “multi-jurisdictional” inquiry since it is not a comprehensive “national” inquiry.
Recent lawsuits have succeeded, some resulting in over $3m in penalties and compensation, involving inaccurate records reported to end users without verification. This is a clear contravention of the FCRA regulations, and has vindicated the SingleSource stance that before we report a record from the database, if it is not also included in a county search, we will conduct a county search. This is the right thing to do, and is in our common interest.
Therefore when a record is found, except as above, we will conduct an inquiry (usually a county search) to verify the data. Only when that is complete will we report the record(s). In the interim we will set the search status as “AWAITING CONFIRMATION”.

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