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Paul M. Meese


a.k.a. How to limit your liability and limit your worries
“I have my own business. It is a dream come true! I have researched and run the numbers, and now here I stand, a business owner.”
Step one – unlock the door and open for business
Step two - hire an employee to help. (Gulp!)
Yes, you were cut out to be a business owner. Maybe you were not aware of everything you had to do in relation to having employees, but that’s why this document is here to help you. We want to guide you to compliance, and help protect you from liability. At the same time, we want this “administrivia” to be on autopilot so that you can get back to the business of making money. Now let’s get started.
First you need to create a job outline of the functions of the job and get them posted on your web site. At the same time, you want to make sure you are preparing properly for the interviews you have coming up. When trying to determine just how to prepare the questions, and go through the actual interview process, click here as a great place to start.  
Now you have to decide whom you want to hire. Conducting a drug test and also a comprehensive background check  specific to the position would be advisable at this point. The system can be set up so that you can have packages designed specifically for each position, or you can use the ala carte menu as your business grows. Not sure if you really need to go through this step? Read this informative article on the kind of unnecessary liability you might have.
Next you have to start worrying about tracking the employee data. This actually is one of the easier things you can do in the process, due to the fact that the system is so user friendly and intuitive. You don’t need an IT guy do to this. The HRM tracks everything from employee address and phone numbers, deductions, pay rates and raises, job titles and more. The system can be used as little or as much as you need it. There is no software to download, and all your data is kept indefinitely with 3 points of redundancy. It is safe and secure.
Now we have the employee, we have their “paperwork” and they are working. Next, getting them paid! There are many options out there for payroll, but using the system that interfaces with the HRM makes the most sense for you. This complete payroll processing service provides secure, online, real time access. A reliable, available, and scalable solution for employee groups from 10 to thousands! Because you manage your payroll online, there is no need for a costly system conversion and critical interfaces – time and attendance, general ledger and others – are included. Your data gets transferred from one system to the other. You can have direct deposit set up, or put your employee on a pay card. We want to keep it simple and straightforward for you. 
As you grow, sometimes you struggle to find the time to ask the questions to assure that the employees are satisfied with their work environment. We can take care of that for you as well. We offer an employee survey solution that is affordable and easy to use, that takes no time from your schedule or from your customers. Your data is kept forever, so you can compare points in time, supervisory relationships, or any other comparison you can think of. We offer the same system in the form of exit interviews, so you can find out why people left at certain times of the year, why they left, and is your company as good as you think it is. It is all within your reach, simply and affordably.
Before they leave, sometimes questions arise that are beyond anything you had even thought of. Panic begins to set in since you know your attorney charges big bucks, by the minute. We have a solution for that as well. The Legal Helpline®.  By calling the legal helpline, or sending them an email, you can address any HR related topic to an HR attorney, not a contract lawyer or a real estate attorney. You are getting legal advice from an expert, someone who practices it every day. The advice you get is protected by attorney-client privilege, and allows you piece of mind for a low, monthly fee that does not increase every time you pick up the phone.
Now that you are big enough and you have employees coming and going, at times tracking data for ex-employees can become cumbersome. Verification calls coming in are another time waster that ads no value to your bottom-line. So let us do it for you. Not only does it make your life more efficient by using our verification service, but is also allows us to credit your bill for the privilege of providing this service on your behalf. 
So, to go through the checklist a final time:
ü      Applicant tracking
ü      Drug test
ü      Background screen
ü      Record keeping (HRM)
ü      Payroll
ü      Employee surveys
ü      Exit interviews
ü      Legal advice and guidance
ü      Verifications of employment
ü      WOTC tax credit processing
All of these services offered through a SingleSource. SingleSource Services, the engine driving HR.
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