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SingleSource Services Background Screening Program Provider to CAHSAH Effective September 1, 2010

September 1, 2010 -Jacksonville Beach, Florida -- Singlesource has been selected by CAHSAH(The California Association for Health Services) as their comprehensive background screening services provider. CAHSAH is the leading statewide home care association in the nation and the voice of home care for the western United States. CAHSAH represents more than 556 members and 850 offices that are direct providers of health and supportive services and products in the home.

“Replacing employees because of poor hiring choices is costly,” stated CAHSAH President Joe Hafkenschiel. “We expect this relationship to greatly increase agency efficiency and effectiveness.”
The home care industry is under constant scrutiny not only by governmental agencies, but by their own high quality standards that they set for themselves. Such is the case with CAHSAH.
“Providing the right health care worker for the aged or disabled is critical. Home health care providers become care giver, trusted friend and confidante to the people they serve. They are given access to a person’s most private and personal information.” Points out Don Dymer, President of SingleSource. “Backgrounds are like fingerprints. They measure the character and integrity of applicants prior to hiring, and we have services that can also track an employee during the course of that hire as well.” Today’s workforce is more transient than ever before. Combine that with the fact that there are hundreds of on-line schools offering certificates to home health care providers that are virtually meaningless, it can be a nightmare for a health care agency to sift through all of that.”

SingleSource provides comprehensive background screening that are FCRA compliant and has the ability to adapt to ever changing requirements and needs. 15 years in business, the company has developed a finely developed ability to link details of an applicants history and know where to look next for discrepancies in an employees work history.

“That is what sets us apart,” states Don Dymer, President, SingleSource. Many background screening companies offer every client, regardless of the industry, the same standard screening product. You just can’t do that in today’s environment.” The bad economy further fuels applicants who lie on resumes and job applications. People desperate for work will resort to anything to get the few jobs out there.
Sex offender, individuals with multiple driving under the influence charges, felony convictions, identity fraud, these people are all out there waiting to   infiltrate the next unsuspecting company or service provider.
The home health care industry’s clients are often helpless and without extensive and thorough background screening, these people can easily become targets for abuse.
SingleSource provides background screening services to over 2,300 businesses in the health care, retail, financial, transportation and food industries nationwide. The company is proud of their 15 year history in the industry.

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