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SingleSource Background Screening Company Cautions Against Hiring Non-Licensed Care for Elderly and Children In Response to Fears About Health Care Reform Changes

Rising health care costs and shrinking income have many people seeking non-licensed, non regulated health care givers. These informal care arrangements by people who are not properly screened places the people they are hired to protect at risk.

Don Dymer, president and chief executive officer of SingleSource Services, a nationwide background screening company since 1995 offers important advice for people seeking child care as well as those seeking home health care assistance for the elderly or disabled.

"The uncertainty of how new health care policies will impact people's finances has many seeking ways to save money on care, and in particular home health care," states Don Dymer of SingleSource background screening company. A December article in Today's Caregiver states, "Due to the cost and increasing shortage of home health aides, many families seeking to hire in-home staff turn to private individuals rather than working through an agency."

Dymer explains, "Unless you are in the background screening industry or a human resource professional, most people lack the knowledge or the tools to probably check an individuals' credentials. Hiring people to care for your children or aging parent is not a decision that should be made utilizing your gut feeling. At SingleSource we have been providing background checking services to home health care agencies and non profits for over fifteen years and we understand the difference between compassion and competence."

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