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Applicant Tracking

Applicant Tracking


When you are looking at the stack of resumes on your desk, and you can’t find the application for the candidate sitting in your waiting area, don’t you wish you could automate the process and make your life easier? SingleSource has the solution. We have two options for applicant tracking, one as a stand alone and one as part of the SingleSource HRM™.  This is one more ASP model where there is nothing to download and needs no IT support. 

  • Receive all applications centrally on line no matter whether they apply from:
    • Newspaper
    • Job specific websites
    • Media links
    • Company Career Center
  • Track every phase of the hiring process
  • Name driven system allows international use
  • Multiple Service Discounts

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SingleSource Is Now a Service Offering of ClearStar, Inc.
October 12-14 Single Source at National HCAOA Conference, Kansas City
"“Thank you so much for the screening services that SingleSource provides to @WORK Personnel & Medical Services! By using your services we have been able to effectively streamline our hiring process. SingleSource has limited the time it takes to bring our employees through @WORK’s stringent credentialing process, all while providing us with a cost-effective solution to our screening needs! Now with SingleSource Services’ HR Verification service we stand to position ourselves further ahead of the competition; Thank you SingleSource Services!”"

Jason Leverant
@ Work Personnel & Medical Services
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