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When you are looking at the stack of resumes on your desk, there are those moments when you just wish the best person would jump to the top.  We all make hiring mistakes on occasion, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could minimize that risk.  Now there is.

With the assessment tool that SingleSource offers, you have the opportunity to measure those intangibles.  This tool can give you a perspective beyond what a reference or interview can provide. It allows you to match traits that you feel are important for an applicant with the traits of your existing team.  Find out if there is a “bad hire” lurking before he or she goes through the process, wasting valuable time, energy and resources.



  • Assessment can be done in a very brief time, with results appearing immediately online upon completion
  • Can be administered to applicants or existing employees to be used as a benchmark
  • Area assessed include:
    • Influence
    • Assertiveness
    • Steadiness/Dependability
    • Attention to detail/Conscientiousness
    • Work pace/Multitasking
    • Customer service attitude
    • Energy – Home/work orientation
    • Service attitude to supervisor
  • Probing questions and cautionary statements are provided based on the results
  • Interpretation guides provided

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