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Background Screening

Frequently Asked Questions

I check references. Why would that not be enough?

We believe that in collecting all relevant data as you assess a candidate, you want to have as much information as possible. This next employee will have access to virtually everything in your company, including other staff members and your customers. Wouldn’t it be good information to know he is a convicted criminal for embezzlement or fraud?

I believe most people are good at heart. Why should we bother checking if they have a good interview?

99% of the time you are probably right. Some people are dishonest. The safer thing to do is to check, then you know you have asked every question you can. Besides, by checking, it is one more layer to protect you from exposure and liability in the case of a bad hire.

Why do I need to do County Criminal Checks when there is a national database?

There is no such search as a national criminal database. The nearest thing to it is the FBI’s NCIC database but even if you had access to it, you would be looking at arrests. There are some results of those arrests but mainly its’ purpose is for law enforcement. That said the database is mandated by some states for some occupations, such as child or healthcare agencies. Other databases are not national – they are multi jurisdictional. They contain data from most states but the amount of data and the sources are different across the nation and are by no means comprehensive. Because they are databases the data is not “the most current” required by law and so a search to verify any records found must be made at the source of the arrest usually a county.

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