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Background Screening

Why is Background Screening Important?

What you don't know can hurt you especially if what you don't know is that your new hire is a sex offender, embezzler or worse!

Negligent hiring, negligent retention, and lately negligent referral, lawsuits have become a favorite of plaintiff attorneys. For example if an employee assaults another employee, customer, or anyone else in the course and scope of his employer's business, chances are that the liability sits fair and square with the employer. The situation is exacerbated if the aggressor has a history of like behavior. The assumption will be that the employer should have known about the previous behavior. In the absence of some very compelling evidence to the contrary, there is very little chance of convincing a judge and jury otherwise. What you don’t know about a new hire or an organization seeking to do business with you can hurt you, damage your company’s reputation, and put your employees and customers in harm’s way. In today’s highly litigious environment, employers are more and more often held responsible for their employee’s actions while on the job. You must be proactive and provide a safe and secure workplace. Because “backgrounds are like fingerprints,” you can hire with greater confidence using our background screening, drug testing, and business inquiry services to reveal a person’s integrity and true character before you hire or do business with them.

Time and time again employers hire bookkeepers and others with access to corporate assets without carrying out comprehensive background checks. They obtain temporary and "temp to perm" personnel from staffing agencies without making sure that the scope of the background screening meets their criteria. This often results in embezzlement and theft.

In any of these circumstances the results can be catastrophic, resulting in the closure of the business, or in the extreme the death of a fellow employee.
For a very small fee relative to the potential losses, companies can make sure that they are hiring people who can not only do the job required, but are of the character desired of employees in the organization culture.

                                                            Remember: Good Character makes for Good Employees.


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"Thank you SingleSource Services for your drug screens! They are excellent! We use the 10 panel with the adulterant testing. Since we screen candidates regularly for our clients, we need reliable drug screens. The I-Cups read quickly, are accurate, and most of all, do not leak! We can use them with confidence, presenting quality drug-free personnel. Thank you for the great drug screens and the exceptional customer service."

Ashley Flannery - Branch Manager
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