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Drug Screening

Drug Testing

Drug Screening

As background screening uncovers a persons past, drug testing indicates their present. Any employee, a new recruit or promotion candidate, with a drug or alcohol abuse issue is a real threat to you, your employees, and your customers!

SingleSource drug screening services eliminates this potential hazard to your work environment. The object of the recruitment process must be to identify and hire the best quallified for the tasks of the job. Use our drug screening services for pre-employment, with cause, random programs, post accident or Department of Transportation requirements. All forms and chain of custody documentation are provided.  Random programs for both lab-based or instant testing are also available and include FREE random number generation for drug testing clients.

Drug screening programs can be provided in two forms, lab-based collections and instant testing.  Both forms of testing are acceptable and when coupled with a proper drug testing program, are quite effective. 

  • Lab-based Collections - This traditional testing program can be ordered online, along with your pre-employment background screening and includes optional 5- or 9-panel screenings.
  • Instant Testing - Saliva or urine samples can be collected on site to avoid the risks and loss of time associated with lab-based testing.  Testing products can be ordered through our website with immediate fullfillment and shipping.

Instant results using strip or breath tests afford great benefits when dealing with time constraints and no available lab collection facilities nearby.  Instant tests can be screened from 3 through 12 panels, depending on the drug configuration you are targeting.

Download our white papers on: Instant Testing and Random Programs for more details and information on how to implement your own drug screening program.

 Drug or alcohol abuse presents safety and health risks not only for the drug user but also for any other person in contact with or affected by that user's work. An employer has a responsibility to all of its employees to provide a safe workplace and also a responsibility to the public to ensure their safety.

The necessity of having drug-free and alcohol-free employees at work requires the employer to adopt a plan. For advice on such plans please contact your account manager or email

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"We at Action Labor have been ordering drug testing supplies from SingleSource Services for many years. The ordering process is very simple, customer service is very personable, and the prices are highly competitive. Action Labor would be happy to suggest SingleSource Services to any company who wishes to have a reputable drug testing supplier who knows how to treat their customers."

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