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  • Most systems out there today track employees by social security numbers (SSN). This can make employees nervous, with the threat of identity theft in the news so often. As a stand alone product, the SingleSource HRM leads the way with a system designed for International use, but adds additional security along the way. Keep SSNs out of the system, under the protection of our payroll system. There are numerous identifiers available such as; supervisor, position, department and sub-division for starters. The employee’s SSN is a number that is not required or needed by us in any way.
  • As you continue to drool looking at systems that will do it all, you realize your budget for the next ten years together would never get you there.  Look no further. We like to keep things simple, so here it is:
      • Our system does it all in regard to a basic HRM that will add efficiency to your life and time to your day
      • A one-time set up fee, which will be no more than $2500
      • A monthly per employee charge, which will be discounted if you use additional SingleSource services
      • No charge for terminated, or non-active employees
  • Other companies charge you annual maintenance fees for special programming that you don’t see and additional enhancements that you don’t use, can’t see and are not able to identify, but we do not. That is not how we operate. Enhancements are paid for with the ongoing monthly, per employee charge that you pay.
  • We have two areas that you can customize for different needs that fit you and what you need out of the system
  • One area you are able to add items to, and then assign that item to a specific employee.
  • 10 custom fields where you can track identification information related to items issued to employees, or anything else you might want to track
  • You can create benefit packages to different levels based on:
      • Position
      • Location
      • Level in the company
  • This package can have variable rates
  • These rates can be either fixed or table based
  • In regard to HRM or HSA or Flex Spending Accounts:
      • You can set the system to track a single benefit, or a combination of two
      • Employees can submit requests for payment
      • Administrator can track payments made or pending
  • We will provide you with a link to put on your site so applicants can apply for jobs that are currently open
  • You can track applicants through 2 levels of interviews, all the way to bringing them on board
  • The system allows for interview notes to be added during the process
  • At a glance table allows you to see where any given applicant is at any given time
  • Jobs can be made active or inactive (visible or not) at the click of a mouse
  • Sort reports by range, greater than, or less than:
      • Age group
      • Pay grade
      • Education
      • Employment status
      • Service period
      • Joined date
      • Job title
      • Language
      • Skill
  • Reporting fields include:
      • Employee number
      • Name
      • Address
      • Telephone number
      • Date of birth
      • Reporting to
      • Reporting method
      • Job title
      • Joined date
      • Sub-division
      • Qualification
      • Employment status
      • Pay grade
      • Languages
      • Skills
      • Contract Work experience
  • Employees can:
      • View the files of direct and indirect reports, keeping managers at their work site instead of having to find time to get to HR
      • Enroll in benefits
      • Apply for time off after reviewing the calendar for existing requests
      • Submit info related to HRA/HSA/Flex spending
      • Log time against projects/grants
      • Approve/disapprove of time off request from subordinates
      • View applicants related to jobs that he or she has posted
      • Can change certain fields in their own file, such as address, phone numbers and emergency contacts, but can view only attachments, salary and work experiences, to name but a few
  • Uses blade technology
  • Three points of redundancy within the infrastructure, 2 in FL and one in SC
  • Accessible by employees, supervisors and administrators from anywhere they can get online
  • Project management options include:
      • Set specific customers
      • Set projects for each customer
      • Set activities for the employee to track against related to each project
      • Assign project managers to each project, singular or multiple, take off or on as needed
  • Assign countries where your satellite offices are located
  • Assign local currency to each employee, so your records are current and up to date

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SingleSource Is Now a Service Offering of ClearStar, Inc.
October 12-14 Single Source at National HCAOA Conference, Kansas City
"We have utilized SingleSource Services several times since learning about it at the ATSSA conference this year and have been very pleased with the results we’ve received while utilizing their background screening services. It is a user-friendly system and their customer service is exceptional as well.We will continue to use SinglesSource Services as our pre-employment screening resource."

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