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More than likely you know why employees come to work for your company or frequent your business.  But few understand why employees or customers leave. SingleSource's trained professionals ask the tough questions and get real answers.  Anonymous reporting invites the departing employee to speak frankly and allows the exit survey to feel more like a conversation than interrogation.

FACT: Each year companies lose an estimated $350 Billion because their employees are disengaged or disenchanted with their workplace!  An expensive price to pay when an effective, proven solution can help turn things around.

Targeted employee surveys are a strategic means of gathering information for a variety of purposes.  Professionally designed, you can launch these surveys online, or our data collectors can conduct them live over the phone. Click to choose your reporting option to instantly analyze results. Customized analysis is also available.

What Defines a Workplace?

A Gallop Poll taken recently found that 51% of employees are not engaged at work.  Raises don't automatically guarantee employee satisfaction.  How do you find out what does? Exit interviews and surveys will give you answers.  Conducted and measured over time, businesses receive quantitative and qualitative data that will improve their work environment and management operations.

                                                                                        SINGLESOURCE REDEFINES COMMUNICATIONS!

Our advantage is that regardless of whether we are conducting an exit interview or any type of survey we understand the subtle nuances of information gathering.

Results You Can Measure

  • Drop in quick quits
  • Increase in loyalty scores
  • Increased productivity
  • Decline in sick days and personal time
  • Better performance reviews
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Decreased stress in the workplace
  • Lower workers compensation filings
  • Reduce manufacturing waste and mistakes
  • Greater efficiency
  • Higher retention of employees
  • Increased ability to cross train and recruit

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October 12-14 Single Source at National HCAOA Conference, Kansas City
"My Visiting Angels agency in Ann Arbor uses the most thorough, up to date criminal background checks available. The company we use is SingleSource. The owner of the company, Don Dymer, was a previous inspector for Scotland Yard, and knows and educates on the importance of thorough, up to date checks. They check county, state, national, sexual offender, name, residence, date of birth validation, social security, driving, and a host of other checks. We feel very comfortable and secure in what SingleSource does to ensure we are hiring safe caregiver’s."

Angil Tarach
Visiting Angels
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