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Welcome to SingleSource Services 

SingleSource is a service offering of ClearStar Inc. What does that mean to you? It means we are a company dedicated to compliance and ensuring information security. It also means we are constantly improving effectiveness and efficiency of systems and processes as well as exploring new ways to impact human capital with positive outcomes for everyone. 


Hello, and welcome to the unique world of Single Source. Now that you have finally found excellence we want you to stay long enough to understand just why we are so special, so different, and so utterly reliable. You will ask yourself "How come I was never here before?" To which we will likely respond, "Because all those other companies in our industry, you know, those 'We are the leading background screening company. . . .' did a great snow job." Did you ever stop to think how many "leading" companies there are?

The real question is "What is leading?" Well, we believe it’s really very simple, and it boils down to simple qualifications. We will list a few, together with our position on them.

  • Can I speak to someone please! Of course, we answer the telephone and don't rely on a long, complicated phone chain.
  • How will I know who to ask for when I call? You will know your account managers name so ask for him or her. If you don’t know it, just ask any of our knowledgeable staff who answer the phone.
  • How will I be able to allocate my screening costs between all my national branches? Tell us how you want them listed and billed and we will do it just the way you want, and every line item will be fully described.
  • Your prices don’t appear to be the cheapest why is that? To deliver quality, without compromise, there is a level below which price cannot go, and we are delivering quality at its best and have done for fifteen years. However, we do have programs that allow you to discount your background screening costs.

Background screening is more than criminal record checks. The objective in carrying out comprehensive background screening is to ensure that the applicant is who he/she says they are, have done what they say they have done, have attained the level of education stated, are licensed to do what they do, and they are of good character. Not all jobs are the same; therefore background screening criteria should vary to match the job requirements. The make up of the screening criteria for a given job should be the same for all applicants for that job and have a relevance to that job. We will personally work with your organization to determine what level of screening is right for your organization and tailor a program specific to your needs. Along the way we will also work with your budget and provide cost saving programs to help offset the background screening expenditures.

Finally, our commitment to customer service and legal compliance is the most comprehensive in the business. As a former Inspector of Scotland Yard, I know first hand that backgrounds are like fingerprints and a comprehensive employee background check that follows FCRA requirements, together with impressive customer service assures your organization peace of mind when making the hiring decisions.


Donald J. Dymer, Founder
SingleSource Services
Inspector Scotland Yard (Rtd)

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SingleSource Is Now a Service Offering of ClearStar, Inc.
October 12-14 Single Source at National HCAOA Conference, Kansas City
"When it comes to a complete, one-stop shop for HR services, no one does it more completely or more affordably than SingleSource. Their service is second to none. They continue to amaze me with their efficiency and professionalism. Keep it up SingleSource!"

David Henderson
J.R. Adams, Inc.
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SingleSource Services
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