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Fingerprint Self Capture™ Packs are purchased in quantities of 6 or more for use in businesses or volunteer organizations.  They're perfect for organizations or offices that regularly need to fingerprint applicants in quantities too small to justify Live Scan, or who need to regularly process groups of applicants where one-at-a-time Live Scan use would be too time consuming.


A registered Trusted Observer guides them step-by-step, confirming identity in the process.  Trusted Observer™ duties are performed by an employee who Management already trusts with access to confidential HR records. Using online training and proficiency assessments, the person is authorized to observe Fingerprint Self-Capture™ and use Packs.

After fingerprinting, the Trusted Observer establishes a Chain of Custody for the fingerprint specimens and personally identifying information by sealing them in tamper-evident packaging and sending them discreetly to the Lab. When a Pack is used, the Trusted Observer registers Pack usage and pays any government-imposed fee(s) online at (other arrangements are available), then ships the fingerprint specimens to the Lab.

                              Current Clients call for details, kits and governmental-imposed fees can be added to your current invoicing.


If you submit fingerprints to Arizona, Florida, Nevada or Ohio, here's what you do: 

  • Order a starter kit. It contains your first dozen packs and materials for Trusted Observer training.
  • Appoint someone in your HR department (one who has access to confidential personnel records) to become Trusted Observer.
  • Have your appointed individual(s) complete Trusted Observer training (this process can be completed in 20 minutes).
  • Begin Using Packs as soon as your Trusted Observer's identity is confirmed and proficiency is demonstrated.

If you submit prints to a state not listed, contact us for ways you can help open the door for this convenience in your state!



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