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No "Grappling"

Instead of donning rubber gloves and treating fingers like rubber stamps, your Trusted Observer™ simply guides applicants while they take their own fingerprints. Observation typically takes between 15 and 20 minutes, and it's the same interval whether for one or for dozens. No more will your training sessions become a constant parade "while the fingerprint man is here." One short interval prints the whole room or table-full, all at once.

No Rejections

Fingerprint authorities including the FBI typically reject 1/5 to 1/3 of traditional ink-on-paper print cards as unreadable. And it can take weeks before you even find out that you have to repeat them. With our patent-pending procedure, Packs achieve the same accuracy as Live-Scan machines. Our computers know if the FBI will accept the prints, allowing for unacceptable specimens to be promptly replaced before entering the government processing cycle. It's so accurate we guarantee acceptance!*

No Fines

All fingerprinting services, even the police, pay for the government processing that seeks matching prints from arrests and bookings. Those government fees are often higher when cards are submitted, as if being fined for using them. Electronic transmission enables the lowest government fee available, and NFp Self-capture provides that access for a growing number of state and federal fingerprinting purposes.

No Travel Expenses

If you reimburse employees for parking and mileage while on an errand like fingerprinting, you won't have to anymore! Fingerprints are captured entirely in-house.

No Time off Work

Time off work is a serious issue when sending people "out" to be fingerprinted. Human nature turns the occasion into "errand day" with police easily blamed for hours of supposed waiting. Self-capture occurs in-house, assuring that the twenty minutes of fingerprinting does not become hours of lost time others have to make up.

No Indignities

NFp Packs avoid having another grasp the hands of applicants. This respects the religious and ethnic traditions honored by an increasing number of today's workers. No more do your workers have to endure the indignities of the police station booking room, where carpeting, music, and toys-for-the-kids are definitely not to be found. Self-capture is entirely done on-site, in-sight™ of a Trusted Observer who never touches the applicant.

No Imposter Risk

Juries do not sympathize when it's disclosed your worker hired somebody to impersonate him at the fingerprinting service center. They assume you "knew or should have known" how easy it is to buy a phony drivers license with the imposter's picture. They assume you know, as your applicant surely does, the fingerprint service will never see your applicant again. Few are manned by professional notaries public who are trained and experienced at inspecting credentials. This risk is so obvious and so high, that regulators such as FINRA who govern securities dealers, insist on a chaperone if sending workers out for fingerprinting! When your Trusted Observer or our Concierge watches the prints being made, you have convincing proof they are genuine.

No Power Requirements

Fingerprints can be captured anywhere: an office desk, a conference room; at a restaurant booth, or even a picnic table; anywhere a Trusted Observer™ can safely meet with your applicant in pleasant and dignified surroundings. You just need some table space, a few uninterrupted minutes, and a Pack.

No Heavy Investment

Rather than purchasing or visiting a live-scan machine, users stock their Packs, like office supplies, and replenish them by-the-box as needed. (The cost to process the criminal history background check is additional, and is the same as with live-scan or traditional card capture.)

*Guarantee: Even though some people have fingerprints too faint to print, If ever a set of prints made with these packs cannot be remedied legible, we will credit your account for the cost of that Pack.

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