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Prompt, Secure, Fingerprint Processing

The National Fingerprint Lab, staffed by crews of disabled veterans, is a secure location that receives and processes Packs into electronic format overnight. Still within the accountable chain of custody, the veteran crew utilizes patented technology to thwart fraud and select the best prints from the multiple specimens in each Pack. Using FBI-approved software and hardware these best-of-breed specimens are composited into the same electronic format produced by livescan systems, suitable for immediate transmission to participating state repositories, regulatory agencies, or FBI-authorized channeling services. This completes SingleSource and National Fingerprint's duty as a fingerprint service provider.

The repositories perform their criminal history check and transmit the confidential results to the indicated licensing or regulatory agency, often in minutes if no criminal record exists. The agencies in turn make the results available only to employers and licensees according to the agencies' own methods, and as rapidly as their internal staffing levels allow.

Fees for the government portion of the criminal history check, which vary by state and by fingerprinting purpose, are extra and are required separately of all fingerprint providers, even police. SingleSource and National Fingerprint makes arrangements with employers and individuals to assure that processing continues as soon as payment of the governmental fee occurs. 

Guaranteed Results

Because multiple impressions are made of each finger the effect is the same as if having made over sixty fingerprint cards. The ultimate quality resulting from this proprietary process is similar to that of livescanning, with one exception: National Fingerprint guarantees results.*

State Participation

Participation of states is increasing in priority order. Inquire for the latest listing and to recommend priority.

All Florida purposes including non-residents, are supported.

All direct-to-agency and direct-to-FBI purposes such as FINRA for securities broker-dealers, banking, racing and gaming are supported.

National Fingerprint intends to support all states' non-resident fingerprinting requirements.

*Guarantee: Even though some people have fingerprints too faint to print, If ever a set of prints made with these packs cannot be remedied legible, we will credit your account for the cost of that Pack. 

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